Did I Ever Tell You About That Guy From GrubHub?

Did I Ever Tell You About That Guy From GrubHub?

Dating is hard so I guess you take whatever chance to meet people. Shoot your shot! Even if that means texting someone you've just delivered food to.

Let me rewind really quick, several months back I'd placed an order on GrubHub. From this new, cute place that had a steak salad on the menu - y'all know how I feel about steak. & my salad comes with no dressing. First experience with ordering from an app; my first thought is to call the delivery guy. So I do. He, very politely, lets me know that he just picks up what the restaurant has prepared and I should call them. I do. They're not a ton of help... So I'm just dressing-less (until I call my neighbor and get some from her).

But! That's not the end of the story. Nor is it really the important part - it just gives you a little context for what happens next. And what happens next is getting a text from my GrubHub driver apologizing. And a little more.

Mad smooth, right? We exchanged a few texts over the next week or so. I even told him I thought he flirted with all his deliveries. Of course he said he didn't. And then silence. I wasn't really butt-hurt about it. He's a year older than me and a college athlete. Disclaimer: I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I just don't want to date someone who is still in undergrad and traveling all the time with their team. Not where I am in life. 

We're going to fast forward again. Six months to be exact. I use GrubHub for lunch while I'm at work. & guess who my driver is? Same. Guy. When he text me to let me know he was downstairs, it was obvious he didn't still have our text thread. So I decided not to make an ass of myself and said nothing. Picked up my food & went back to my office. I get another text. 

Y'all. I cannot make this shit up. 

So he asks if we can make plans and link up. He wants to take me to lunch as a peace offering for literally forgetting he met me. Yeah, ok, sure.

That night, I didn't feel like cooking (I'm remodeling my bathroom and got wrapped up in that and lost track of time) - so I ordered from GrubHub. Who is my delivery guy?! (Quick sidenote: I'd been boycotting Uber and UberEats because their former CEO is hot garbage)

This is the third time. Second time in one day. Let the record show, there's no way to request a specific driver. So, I'm not the creepy one in this situation. Not that he is, either. He did attribute it to destiny, though. 

Ask me if that went anywhere, though. After the third go 'round - I decided to do some recon work. I started watching his Snaps. I can't get behind someone that thinks it's cool to promote being a drug dealer on social media. I think I dodged all the bullets.

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