Another Awful Dating Story: The Sequel.

Another Awful Dating Story: The Sequel.

Do you remember the guy from Another Awful Dating Story ? If you don't, you should read that & then come back. It will make so much more sense. And be that much funnier; or more awful. I'm not really sure.

And before we dive into the ridiculousness of one of the following interactions I had with that guy, can we talk about a couple pet peeves?

  • Asking to come to house. To clarify, though, I don't mind it if 1) we are friends; 2) you've been here before; or, 3) I invite you. If none of those things apply - especially if we've NEVER met before, you shouldn't assume you can come to my house. Or even know where I live.
  • Tell me I'm sassy. I'm not; you just don't understand when a girl is telling you no. I'm not actually playing hard to get. I'm just not interested ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • This isn't actually related to this part of the story, but still applies: Asking me what I'm doing in the middle of the day. I'm at work. Working. To make money and pay my bills. Why aren't you doing that? Ok, that's not entirely fair. I have a LOT of artists friends that don't work the traditional 9-5. But you know I do. So stop asking me what I'm doing at 2pm on Wednesday.

Ok - let's get into it. Nearly 4-weeks after the Cinco de Mayo fiasco, I get a text from you-know-who. "Let's hit the pool" No further explanation of what Cinco de Mayo was about... No reason why you're just now texting me after 4 weeks? 

Taking my friends advice about "being more open" didn't go super well for our last rendezvous. I did not take that approach this time. I made it very clear that I was not interested. In anything moving forward.

As many bad encounters as I have had or that I hear about from my friends, you would think my expectations for common sense would be little lower. They aren't. After the two IDIOTIC incidents before, he still just doesn't get it. You guys. I honestly and truly do not understand.

Whatever. He calls me.
If I talked about how infuriating that conversation was, we'd be here for days. The highlights are:

  1. I should invite him to my house;
  2. The Cinco de Mayo thing was just a joke;
  3. I have a thing against brown people;
  4. I have no sense of humor;
  5. I'm just sassy; and,
  6. I should definitely invite him to my house

I may or may not have thrown in that he was immature. But, I just have so many questions about this conversation. If you were actually joking about dinner, why didn't you call me that day? Or at any point before 4-weeks later? What does me not wanting to see you because you're kind of awful have to do with all brown people? I'm not sassy (well, I am - but not in this instance); I just don't want to be bothered by you. You are not coming to my house.

After me continuing to tell him I didn't want to see him & that he wasn't coming to my house. I'm getting so frustrated. I have to hang up. I finally told him I was done talking to him and that I was hanging up. I hung up. Oh, but it doesn't stop there.


Or there.

Not even there...

This has all got to be one massive troll, right?

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