Crockpot Wings!

Crockpot Wings!

As much as I love cooking, some days I want a really hands off, easy prep meal. Those are the days I thank God for my mom… for buying me a crockpot.

When I first got it, it was “Oh, cool - I can make chili.” Now it’s more of - I wonder how this random thing will taste if I slow cook it for four hours. The answer, no matter the random thing, is DELICIOUS. Today? We’re going to make wingettes.

This won’t be long, but before we get started you should know I’m SUPER particular about my chicken. I hate baked chicken - I have to have it broiled - the texture of baked chicken is just awful. So slimy. So my mom was skeptical (to say the least) when I told her I was going to slow cook them. “You should broil it after, you’re going to hate the consistency.” Boy was she wrong. And I don't get to say that very often! It’s the perfect about of firm, tender & not slimy.

What you'll need:
Crockpot on low


  • Crockpot, duh.


  • 1 lb wingettes (they usually come with drumettes, too).
  • Seasoning!
    I like garlic & onion powder,
    salt, pepper and red pepper flakes
  • BBQ Sauce
    I use a family recipe that I'm not really
    ready to reveal yet - but use your favorite!
  • A1 steak sauce
  • Lime juice

For the record, you can buy full wings and just cut them if you want. And let me warn you... This is so easy!

Let's get started...

Season your meat. Personally, I like doing it in my sink: easy cleanup and it's easy to roll the chicken around and make sure you're getting it evenly coated. Word of advice: overseason. Since you're going to be tossing this in a sauce, some of the seasoning will rub off. And I hate under-seasoned meat. Be careful to not work with multiple seasonings that are heavy in salt. If you know ahead of time this is what you'll be making, you can season it and then stick it in the fridge to marinate overnight (or while you're at work). 

Once you're ready to actually put them in the crockpot - lay a base coat of BBQ sauce, A1 and half a lime at the bottom of the crockpot. Throw your chicken in and toss it in the sauce. If it's not coated enough (it almost most definitely won't be) go ahead and top it off then toss it around. Use a spatula. This gets messy.

Set a timer for five hours, put the crockpot on low and cover it. You're done! I wouldn't cook it any less than five hours - you run the risk of them not being cooked thoroughly. But if you're running out of time - you can totally throw them in the oven. And, if you cook them too long, they will burn! I'm not sure why I thought I couldn't burn things in a crockpot. I can. And did.

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